Brooke Frankham

Brooke Frankham

Level :Senior

Years of experience :14 years old

Position :Dualist

Brooke, Senior Dualist at Pinklablonde Club and artist for L'Oréal Professionnel, is an expert in hair transformation and color correction. Originally from New Zealand, she is known for taking on any challenge! In addition to bringing a creative and avant-garde vision to each project.


Brooke is known for her exceptional ability to achieve dramatic hair transformations. Whether you want a drastic color change, a bold cut, or a complete makeover, Brooke approaches each transformation with artistic vision and meticulous attention to detail.

Brooke also excels at the delicate art of color correction. Whether it's to correct a home color that's gone wrong or adjust a shade that doesn't meet your expectations, Brooke uses her expertise to restore and enhance your hair color. With her nuanced understanding of pigments and coloring techniques, she is able to correct unwanted undertones, harmonize tones and restore your hair's natural shine.

One of Brooke's strengths is her ability to provide personalized and attentive consultations. She takes the time to listen and understand the needs and desires of each client, ensuring they have a tailor-made experience.

Price list

  • Styling:78$
  • Cutting and styling:$124
  • Sunkissed Balayage:$303
  • Go-lighter Sweep:$385
  • Complete babylights:$390
  • Full foilage:$435
  • Overall coloring:$125
  • Shader:70$

For a full list of prices for our artist Brooke's services, please refer to this dedicated page.

Product that all customers should have

Spray Fix Anti Frizz

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