Clemence Trudel

Clemence Trudel

Level :New talent

Years of experience :6 months

Position :Colorist

A graduate of Pinklablonde Academy, Clémence quickly made her mark among us thanks to her endearing personality and her innate talent for hairdressing. Since joining our team, she has demonstrated an exceptional passion for coloring, combining creativity and technical expertise to deliver results worthy of PLBC. Whether it's a subtle balayage or a bold blonde transformation, Clémence is committed to creating personalized looks that reflect not only current trends, but also each client's unique personality.


Clémence also stands out for its ability to transform blonde hair. Its philosophy is to create blondes with impact while respecting the health of the hair. She uses numerous papers to ensure precise and uniform application, allowing a radical change but always respecting the hair fiber. Her clients can expect a bright and vibrant blonde, which not only attracts attention but also stays healthy and strong. With Clémence, opt for a bold blonde without compromising the health of your hair.

Clémence excels at creating tone-on-tone balayage, bringing a unique and sophisticated touch to each brown shade. Her 'Rich Brown Vibes' sweeps are a true work of art, offering unparalleled depth and richness. She has mastered the art of mixing different shades of brown to create a multi-dimensional, natural, yet visibly refined effect. Each strand is processed with precision, ensuring a harmonious result that highlights both the cut and the client's personality. Clémence is the colorist to consult for those who want to enrich their brown hair with natural elegance and sophistication.

Clémence’s third specialty is the extensive personalization of its services. She firmly believes that each client is unique and deserves a tailor-made approach. Whether in the choice of color, the technique used, or post-coloring care advice, Clémence adapts to the specific needs and desires of each client. This personalized attention not only ensures exceptional results, but also a truly tailor-made salon experience. For a service that goes beyond simple coloring, and which adapts entirely to your individuality, Clémence is the ideal colorist.

Price list

  • Face framing:$107
  • Sunkissed Balayage:$213
  • Go-lighter Sweep:$273
  • Complete babylights:$262
  • Full foilage:$292
  • Overall coloring:$107
  • Shader:$65

For a complete list of prices for our artist Sophie's services, please refer to this dedicated page.

Product that all customers should have

Ultimate Reset Mask

The Ultimate Reset Mask by Shu Uemura is a must-have for Clémence. Designed specifically to treat and condition damaged hair, this mask is a treasure for those who value the health and shine of their blonde hair. Its rich and unique formula, infused with high-quality natural ingredients, works deeply to restore and strengthen the hair fiber. Ideal for bleached or chemically treated hair, it repairs damage while preserving the luminosity of blondes. The application of the mask transforms the hair, making it soft, supple, and shiny, while exuding a delicate and luxurious fragrance. Clémence highly recommends this mask for her clients with blonde hair, ensuring complete repair and optimal protection, necessary to maintain pure and vibrant blonde.

Achievements by Clemence Trudel