Marie-Christine Lahaie

Marie-Christine Lahaie

Level :Specialist in coloring and Senior in cutting

Years of experience :7 years

Position :Dualist

Marie-Christine, an exceptional colorist and stylist, combines technical expertise and refined interpersonal skills. Her experience allows her to create sophisticated and luxurious looks with remarkable ease. But more than an artist, she is a confidante, making each meeting a moment of well-being. In her chair, each woman feels heard and valued, transforming the hair experience into true pampering. With Marie-Christine, an appointment becomes an invitation to relaxation and elegance, in a universe where beauty and comfort are kings.


Excellent mastery of high-end bleaching techniques, which recreate the color of your childhood hair, for a look that stays true to your essence. Delicate work to enhance your natural color, for an improved and long-lasting appearance.

With her approach to both color and cut, she specializes in shaping facial contours, creating harmony that highlights your unique beauty.

Expertise in achieving bombshell cuts and styles, adding volume and glamor to your style. For a look that is both sexy and refined.

Price list

  • Styling:90$
  • Cutting and styling:$146
  • Sunkissed Balayage:$303
  • Go-lighter Sweep:$385
  • Complete babylights:$390
  • Full foilage:$435
  • Overall coloring:$125
  • Shader:70$

For a complete list of prices for the services of our artist Marie-Christine, please refer to this dedicated page.

Product that all customers should have

Fold Spray

The Techni Art Pli, according to Marie-Christine, is the essential product that every client should have. It offers incomparable styling ability, allowing your hair to adopt the shape you desire. It's the tool of choice for achieving dramatic styling, delivering stunning style while remaining incredibly easy to use.

Achievements by Marie-Christine Lahaie