Marie-Anne Labrie

Marie-Anne Labrie

Level :Master

Years of experience :10

Position :Colorist

Better known as Pinklablonde, Marie-Anne is a colorist who knows how to give her clients that feeling of absolute confidence. His focus is 100% on the result, always determined to sublimate each person who passes through his hands. She has this unique gift of seeing what makes her clients beautify and working with their natural color to create beautiful and harmonious looks.


Absolute mastery of Foilyage and Babylights techniques for natural and long-lasting discolorations which make her an undisputed reference in her field.

Customizing techniques and color mixing for each client, creating unique, tailored looks that reveal their individual beauty.

Personalized consultation that highlights the distinctive traits of each client, guaranteed

Price list

  • Face framing$178
  • Sunkissed Balayage$353
  • Go-lighter sweep450$
  • Complete babylights450$
  • Complete foilage$506
  • Overall coloringe 169$
  • Shader88$

For a complete list of prices for the services of our master artist Marie-Anne, please refer to this dedicated page.

Product that all customers should have

Therapist Serum

The therapist serum is the essential product that all my clients absolutely must have! Specially designed to address the needs of bleached and damaged hair, it's like real magic in a bottle.

Achievements by Marie-Anne Labrie