Arianne Marquis

Arianne Marquis

Level :Specialist

Years of experience :1.5 years

Position :Stylist

An essential member of the Pinklablonde Club since its opening, Arianne embodies the relaxed and easy going attitude that characterizes the establishment. Deeply attached to this club, she likes to make her clients feel like they are part of a circle of “cool girls”. Honest and dedicated, Arianne does not sell unattainable dreams to her clients, but is committed to giving the best of herself to make their wishes come true. According to her, the cut is the element that should never be neglected, it is the foundation of any good style.


Specializing in "lived-in haircuts", she creates cuts that dry naturally and do not require styling. Its objective is to make your daily life easier, with cuts that do not complicate life but which highlight your natural beauty.

Mastery of layered cuts, adding dimension and movement to all hair types. These cuts are ideal for adding volume and texture, while still maintaining an easy-to-maintain look.

An expert in the art of bangs, she is able to create the perfect shape that will highlight your face. Whether it is tapered, straight or side bangs, she will be able to advise you and create the cut that best suits your style and personality.

Price list

  • Styling:$64
  • Bangs and styling:$77
  • Cutting and styling:$102

Product that all customers should have

Thermal Regenerating

The Thermal Chronologist, according to Arianne, is the versatile product that everyone should use. It is an essential thermal protectant that also provides essential hydration for your hair. In addition to being an excellent leave-in product, it is suitable for all hair types, ensuring its protection and vitality.

Achievements by Arianne Marquis