Benjamin Boisvert

Benjamin Boisvert

Level :Specialist

Years of experience:5 years 

Position :Dualist

Benjamin is truly passionate about hairdressing, considering his job not as a simple profession, but as a true way of life. His passion for hairdressing was ignited at the age of 16, and since then, he has continued to dedicate himself to this art, transforming each hair into a true work of art.


As a specialist in precision dry cutting, her trademark is creating sleek bobs and sophisticated layered cuts. His work is a perfect example of precision and mastery, each cut revealing a unique harmony of beauty and style.

An expert in hair transformations, his specialty is creating intense and vibrant shades of blonde, evoking dazzling Barbie-style blonde. If you are looking for a bright and pale blonde, but still healthy, he is the professional to consult.

Mastering the art of hair routine, his expertise lies in building strong and effective hair regimens. If you aspire to healthy and strong hair thanks to a well-structured routine, this is the ideal guide to support you in this process.

Price list

  • Styling:$64
  • Cutting and styling:$102
  • Face framing:130$
  • Sunkissed Balayage:$252
  • Go-lighter Sweep:$323
  • Complete babylights:$326
  • Full foilage:$365
  • Overall coloring:$125
  • Shader:70$

For a complete list of prices for our artist Benjamin's services, please refer to this dedicated page.

Product that all customers should have

IZUMI Fortifying Shampoo

According to Benjamin, Izumi shampoo is the essential element of any hair routine, regardless of hair color and type. Suitable for both blonde and brunette hair, it gives the hair an impression of fullness and volume. Thanks to a balanced formula without excess proteins, it fits easily into any routine, cleaning effectively without weighing down the hair. An essential for any woman wanting to maintain healthy hair while enhancing its natural beauty.

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