Nikki Ewanick

Nikki Ewanick


Years of experience:4 years


Nikki is a dedicated and talented stylist, who greets each client with a warm smile and genuine connection. Endowed with attentive listening, she perfectly understands the desires of her clients, which allows her to create hair creations that perfectly match their expectations. Her passion and dedication shines through in each work, making her an unparalleled hair artist


An expert in color correction, she guides each client through the process of achieving their dream hair, working closely to bring their vision to life.

She particularly shines in the art of balayage on dark hair, evoking tones of espresso, caramel, chocolate and latte for sublime transformations.

Her mastery of shaders is impressive, creating vibrant colors and natural reds that capture attention and exude authentic warmth.

Price list

  • Styling:$64
  • Cutting and styling:$102
  • Face framing:130$
  • Sunkissed Balayage:$252
  • Go-lighter Sweep:$323
  • Complete babylights:$326
  • Full foilage:$365
  • Overall coloring:$125
  • Shader:70$

For a complete list of prices for our artist Nikki's services, please refer to this dedicated page.

Product that all customers should have

Spray 21

According to Nikki, Spray 21 is the must-have product for all her clients. Suitable for all hair types, it offers thermal, weather and color protection, making hair resilient to all elements. Whether your hair is bleached or natural, this product is a must-have. If you wash your hair, this product is essential to your routine.

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