K18, pour des cheveux plus en santé que jamais!

K18, for hair healthier than ever!

K18, what is it?

K18 is a premium hair product line that uses a patented bioactive formula. This formula, resulting from several years of scientific research, is designed to repair damaged hair in just 4 minutes. Yes, you read correctly, only 4 minutes!

How it works ?

Hair is mainly made up of protein. Over time, due to coloring, bleaching and heat tools, the bonds in this protein can be damaged, causing hair to become brittle.

K18 products contain a special molecule that binds directly to the protein in your hair. By penetrating deep into the hair structure, they help rebuild these damaged bonds, restoring strength, elasticity and shine to your hair.

How to use it ?

The application is very simple:

1. Wash your hair as usual with your favorite shampoo. * We recommend the Maintenance Ph shampoo from K18, which will provide you with optimal results.
2. Wring them out lightly.
3. Apply the K18 mask to your hands, massaging the product until a whitish color is obtained.
4. Apply to your hair, focusing on the most damaged areas.
5. Leave to act for 4 minutes.
6. *Do not rinse*
7. Layer your favorite styling products and style as usual.

Why choose K18?

In addition to its revolutionary formula and ease of use, K18 has several advantages:

- Proven effectiveness: Studies have shown that 86% of users saw a notable improvement in the condition of their hair after just one use.

- Suitable for all hair types: Whether curly, straight, colored or natural, K18 products are made for you.

- Safe and environmentally friendly: K18 products are free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates, and they are not tested on animals.

K18 isn't just another product to add to your hair routine. It's a real restorative treatment that can transform your damaged hair into resplendent hair in record time. So, if you want to give your hair the best, give K18 a chance!

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