Le Fameux Foilyage

The Famous Foilyage

A technique that combines luxury and hair health: Foilyage.

In this article, we reveal the secrets of this technique prized by our experts at Pinklablonde Club.

What is Foilyage?

Foilyage is a bleaching technique that combines the methods of balayage and babylights . This fusion ensures precise application and a sublime result, while reducing the damage often associated with traditional bleaching techniques.

Why choose Foilyage?

Customization of the technique:

Each customer is unique, and that is why Foilyage allows unprecedented personalization. Whether you are looking for a soft transition or bold contrasts, this technique offers tailor-made results.


Unlike other methods, Foilyage limits the damage that can be caused by discoloration.

Sustainable Results:

Lightening is done gradually from root to tip, guaranteeing a long-lasting result that will last well over time. (4 to 12 months)

Incomparable result:

For the woman who doesn't compromise on quality, Foilyage is the pinnacle of luxurious bleaching.

How it works ?

01. Consultation

02. The choice of bleaching products

03. The application of Foilyage

04. Paper rinsing in several stages

05. Gloss

06. Hair washing

07. Treatment ( optional )

08. Cutting and/or styling ( optional )

09. Photo

To conclude

Foilying is not just a bleaching technique; it's a luxury experience for your hair. PINKLABLONDE CLUB is committed to offering its customers the best in hair care, and with Foilyage , we promise you a PINTEREST-worthy result that will highlight not only your beauty, but also the health of your hair.

Make an appointment today to transform your hair at PINKLABLONDE CLUB.

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