Des résultats comme au salon, à la maison!

Results like in the salon, at home!

You often wonder, “Why does my hair look so perfect when I leave the salon, but never when I try to style my hair at home?”

The answer can be summed up in two words: products and tools .
In the salon, we use top quality products and professional tools that guarantee long-lasting results.

Here we present to you our favorite styling products. Essential allies to achieve all your looks in the comfort of home. Whether you want beach waves , dramatic volume or perfect hold, Tecni-Art is your secret to hair that screams ; I came straight from the Pinklablonde Club.

To create a beachy look :

1. The Bio Ionic Gold pro 1.25'' - a must.
This extra affordable curling iron will help you achieve the perfect curl.
2. The Tecni-Art Constructor - for more hold.
This thermo-active spray will allow you to maintain your look for longer with more shine and definition.
3. Muroto Volume Texturizing Mist or Tecni-art Beach Wave - for a voluminous beach effect.
This finishing mist will give you the desired beach effect by adding volume to your hair.
4. Tecni-Art Anti-Frizz Hairspray - For extra hold.
This finishing spray will allow your hairstyle to last all day, without frizz.

To create an extra volume look like Victoria Secret :

1. Le Pli de Tecni-Art - A thermo-active product with a holding strength superior to Constructor , to guarantee an extra long-lasting look .
Whether you use the blowout method with a round brush + dryer or a curling iron, we suggest that you spray the fold just before.
2. Anti-frizz hairspray - Your best friend to ensure good hold, without frizz.
3. The Savage Panache by Tecni-Art - To add even more volume.
We suggest that you spray the product head down for an extra voluminous effect.

To create a silky-straigh look:

1. The steam pod – our tool of choice for a smooth, shiny look .
Not only is the steam pod the most effective tool but it will also allow you to maintain the health of your hair even when styling it every week.
2. Steam pod smoothing cream - Protection + long-lasting results.
3. Ultimate Elixir Oil - For maximum shine.
Finally, adding oil will promote shine while protecting your hair from environmental damage.

With the right products and tools at your disposal, every day is a new opportunity to shine and feel beautiful.



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