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Obtenez la livraison gratuite à l’achat de 150$+ 

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Did you know that the word eden is a synonym to paradise? Well, the Eden experience at PLBC makes you feel like paradise is exactly where you are! I had the chance to try the service at the salon, so let me walk you through each step of this magical and ever so relaxing experience.


What is the Eden experience and what does it do for your hair?

Before going more in depth into the subject, let me explain  what the Eden Experience is all about. As you can read on the PLBC website, the service is literally like a day at the spa for your hair. You begin by sitting in an amazing chair that gives you a wonderful and relaxing massage, which is where you will be receiving the hair service as well. As you’re enjoying the massage, your hair is treated with a technology that works with steam to open up the cuticles of your scalp and your hair. This way, the chosen treatment can penetrate deeper into your hair. 

Fun fact: PinkLablonde Club is the only salon in North America the offer the Eden Experience!

Price: 36.05$

What treatments are available and which one is best for you? 

A stylist will help you determine the best treatment for your hair needs. At the salon, the Kérastase Fusio-Dose are available. There are six different Fusio-Dose treatments to choose from:

  • Booster Nutrition: deeply nourishes your hair
  • Booster Cicafibre: restores bleached hair + stops colour oxidation
  • Booster Discipline: smoothes unruly hair
  • Booster Brillance: enhances shine for colour-treated hair
  • Booster Reconstruction: reinforces damaged and over-processed hair
  • Booster Genesis: strengthens weakened hair

The actual experience

After selecting the treatment, the stylist will apply it to your hair, and then you get to lay on the massage chair. The stylist applies the treatment while your head is underneath a lid where the steam and the treatment work their magic. Before rinsing, you will be offered a great head and neck massage, which is included in the service.

And then voilà! You now leave the salon with nice, healthy hair!

You can book the Eden experience with your favorite stylist at PLBC any time! Enjoy!



Katheryne Bellefeuille

Fraîchement graduée de l’École Supérieure de mode de L’ESG-UQAM, Katheryne est une passionnée de la mode depuis qu’elle est toute petite (vous l’aurez deviner). Son compte Pinterest est toujours remplis d’idées de look. Sinon, elle adore jaser skincare et de sa dernière découverte sur Netflix!