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The 90s classic chic was the best fashion period

Image : Pinterest

The 90s classic chic was the best fashion period – and here’s why you should take inspiration from it.

When I think of the 90s, I think big, sexy, blown-out hair, Cosmopolitans, denim, Friends and, of course, the top supermodels. Let’s dive into why we should bring back the classic chic 1990s style in 2022.

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Carolyn is undoubtedly a renowned style icon, popular for her classic and simplistic looks. If we take a look at her color palette, it’s mostly whites, blacks, browns and greys. Her style is effortless and timeless; that’s the beauty of the 90s classic chic.


The charm of this style is its perpetuity in time; it never goes out of style. With the rise of climate change awareness and the impact of the fashion industry on it, it’s more relevant than ever to opt for a style that will last through time. The year 2021 was full of microtrends surfacing one after the other, engaging the consumer to adapt to every single one of them. By going with a style that is sustainable through time, we make room for timeless pieces that will last a lifetime in our wardrobe.

The fabrics

The 90s classic chic screams natural fibers, such as satin, wool, mohair, and cotton. These types of natural fibers create – if made properly – the most stunning and lifelong pieces. With such fabrics, we reconnect with the elements around us and we contribute to lowering our carbon print. When shopping for new pieces, try to ditch polyester and look for 100% natural fibers on the label!

How can you bring the 90s classic chic in your wardrobe?

Look at your existing pieces!

Nothing is more ethical and timeless than your own clothes. Try mixing and matching some pieces you never tried together before. If you really can’t find anything, try your mom’s or your grandmother’s closet. Look for garments in the neutral colour palette and have fun recreating some of your favourite 90s fits!

Second hand is always the way to go

I know thrifting can be extremely scary for some people, but second-hand does not always mean Value Village. Around the city, there are some hidden gems when it comes to second-hand stores, where you can find high-quality clothes in perfect condition. You will most likely even find designer pieces! Vintage clothes are the best, because they were made in a time when polyester and cheap stitching wasn’t really a thing. Try to look for pieces made in Italy, Portugal, the UK and the US. Here are two of my favorite second-hand shops in the city: Boheme Vintage & Ruse Boutique.

Don’t go cheap!

I cannot stress this enough, but don’t go cheap when buying new clothes. The 90s classic chic style means ditching fast fashion. Say goodbye to Zara, H&M, Simons and any other big chains. In the long run, you will thank me for telling you this, so stop buying cheap clothes. Instead, invest in a good quality item that you will wear for the next 20 years!

Always go with 100% cotton jeans, you won’t be able to live normally for the first few weeks, but they will become your favorite pair, hugging your body.

Have numerous white and black tank tops, they’re four seasons and go with everything!

Have plenty of cute and comfy tops to wear with literally anything in your wardrobe.

Finish it off with accessories, such as leather boots, headbands or hair clips, vintage sunglasses, and you’ve got yourself a perfect timeless 90s classic chic look inspired by Carolyn herself.

Recreate this look:

After all, this style is anti-fast fashion, and it forces us to think twice, consider what we’ve already got in our closets, and compare before buying. The 90s classic chic fashion is the perfect example to demonstrate that you can have an eco-friendly style without looking like  you’re wearing a sack of potatoes!