The Art of Branding and Instagram


Creating and learning to communicate your brand is key to conquer the world, AKA build your dream clientele and grow your business!

Your branding needs a bold new look? You want it to fully represent you and to bring your Instagram to a whole new level and BOOST your sales?
No matter your area of expertise, you are at the right place!

Cet atelier est aussi offert en français.


There is no magic trick…Only good strategies to create a strong, coherent BRAND that fits your image.

When I started PINKLABLONDE’s brand, a big part of my marketing was based on my intuition. My business ran well, I had a base of local customers, but there was a je-ne-sais-quoi which did prevent me from going where I wanted.

It’s like I was throwing Instagram posts into the universe, like a spaghetti on the ceiling, hoping that -this time- it would actually stick…

Not that Jewel’s saying “follow your heart, your intuition”,  is a bad idea, but with time I figured out that there are LOTS of mistakes that I could have avoided to reach my goals quicker and build my dream network of customers.


✔︎ We often assume that people will understand our brand and trust our services.
✔︎ We want to be present on social media, but without knowing what we want to say or how to express it.
✔︎ Our visuals are not coherent enough. We go unnoticed.
✔︎ Our posts miss EMOTIONS and our subscribers don’t feel drawn to them.

The list goes on and on …

No shame – I am faaaaaaar from being perfect, and like everybody else, I started somewhere. Truth is, we can all achieve it and it’s all about feeling that connection between you and the people that are going to add value to your business. 

Master your branding on Instagram : GROW your business and make it THRIVE.

Why is having a good branding essential?

By having a strong brand, you will be able to attract the right people, avoid putting efforts into useless things that will make you lose your time (and money), establish trust, generate more bookings AND ESPECIALLY build a LOYAL clientele.

Because we’ve gotta say it…loyalty is probably the most important aspect of your business.

In the first 6 years of my career, I developed branding strategies that bring me at least 25 NEW CLIENT REQUESTS DAILY.

I receive close to 200 requests each week!
TBH, if you had told me so 6 years ago, I would have never believed it!

Bring your career to the next level, thanks to my well-kept secrets

A QUESTION FOR YOU, DEAR PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEURS : What is holding you back from making the salary you always wanted?

Objectifs S’adresse à qui? Inclus dans la formation
  • Marketing techniques to recognize your target audience and reach it. 
  • Strategies to make you stand out from your competition. 
  • Instagram Business and its promotional tools to be used at their full potential. 
  • Rise of your Instagram’s engagement
  • Techniques to make your work easier in your daily life. 
  • Bring your BRAND to the next level.





During this workshop, I will share with you:

⇢ My BRANDING process
⇢ Tools I use on a daily basis
⇢ Stories and exclusive tricks from influencers that succeeded on this platform.  

My goal is to get you out of your comfort zone.
If you landed on this page, it’s because you stand out in your field and you want to optimize your knowledge and performances to take control of your career. 

Marie-Anne Labrie

Éducatrice & Owner est né de ma passion pour la coloration, mon attirance marquée envers l’esthétisme et mon désir de partager mes connaissances à des gens engagés cherchant à s’inspirer continuellement. Plus qu’un travail, être coloriste est rapidement devenue une vocation pour moi : mon souhait derrière cette plateforme était de créer un safe space où l’apprentissage, le partage et l’audace seraient encouragés au quotidien. Accompagnée d’une communauté de créateurs les uns plus exceptionnels que les autres, nous travaillons ensemble pour te proposer du contenu qui TE ressemble.