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PLBC’s hair artists: Meet Klay

PLBC’s hair artists: Meet Klay

The PLBC was created to build a creative space for the most talented hair artists. This week, I sat down with one of the best hairdressers I know. I asked him a variety of questions so you can learn more about the reasons why I picked him to be part of the PLBC team.


What do you do in your free time?

I love to read. If I had to pick one book to read over and over again it would be Find Me from the sequel of Call Me By Your Name. You should read this sequel because it takes you somewhere else, there’s romance and it’s edgy! So it basically has everything!


What is your biggest dream as a hairstylist?

To be completely honest, being part of the PLBC is a dream I could only imagine before. I’m on a new path here and I want to see the opportunities without expectations.


NYC or LA?

Malibu lol! Being born and raised in Saskatchewan I am a country boy at heart. I thrive more in chill environments such as Malibu.


What is your drink order at PLBC?

Definitely an iced latte with oat milk and maple syrup! 


What do you like most about working at PLBC?

It has to be the environment, the ambiance, everything is perfect. I love how we all play on the same team to make the customer’s experience a perfect one.


What is your favorite hair product?

The Silk bloom hair mask by Shu! It’s really fortifying and hydrating. During the wintertime, you need to reinforce your hair as much as you can. I would say the packaging and the smell also make it a luxurious product. If I could find a way to describe the smell, it would be a “candy bouquet”.


What’s your gaga at the salon?

Offering a good service is really what I like to do the most. I will always be there to help your experience be better, I’m also a very good hype man if you need a boost of confidence!


What hair trend do you think will be huge this summer?

Omg blowoutssssss! I think the soft and romantic hair will be very in. Imagine volume, ribbons, and hair as soft as butter!


What is your favorite clothing brand?

I would love to have some Heliot Emil pieces in my wardrobe, and YSL of course.


Marie-Anne & Klay <3


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Marie-Anne Labrie

Marie-Anne Labrie, la fille derrière PINKLABLONDE, est aussi une artiste coloriste se spécialisant dans les techniques de blond. Elle est une véritable passionnée. Inspirante et créative, elle donne une toute autre signification au terme «coiffure». Son sens de l’esthétisme, son savoir-faire et sa connaissance profonde des différentes techniques et produits font d’elle l’une des coloristes les plus demandées de Montréal.