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The days of skinny jeans are behind us sister, and I am living for it! As the perfect segway out of the year of the sweat-pant, two trends have emerged and I am living for them; Baggy Jeans and Dress Pants. Take a look at some hot outfit inspo and try not to load up your shopping cart.

Look #1: Baggy Jeans Dressed Down

@sarahashcroft, pants: @zara









I am a personal fan of this. Not only is it extremely cute, it’s also incredibly flattering and comfortable. The wide-leg makes everything more proportional because the fabric doesn’t hug every inch of your body putting it all out on display – for some of us that just isn’t a vibe. Me, for instance, I am just a little bit knock-kneed (when your knees are slightly inverted) so unless my legs are super toned, cigarette pants are not my fave, but baggy jeans solve that in a second.

They are perfect to throw on if you are going to the market, grabbing a coffee or running errands – they give you that enviable “model-off-duty” look that is stunning and timeless.

Also, can you name a better feeling than putting on your favourite pair of jeans you’ve worn so much they just sit perfectly and mold to your body?

Look #2: Baggy Jeans Day-to-Night Look

@meganfox, pants: @ebdenim









I think one of the most important weapons a girl can have is being able to effortlessly convert a daytime look to something spicy for a night out at the drop of a hat. Another reason we love a good baggy pair of jeans is for this exact reason – a girl needs to be able to go from blob to badass quickly!

Trade in your airforces for a pair of heels, replace that baggy T with a cute tank or bodysuit, slap on some lipstick and VOILÀ, you’re a new woman.

Your favourite baggy jeans are your best friend when time is of the essence and you were supposed to meet your friends 5 minutes ago.

Look #3: Dress-up Dress Pants

@pinklablonde, pants: @editorialboutique

This cute number is poppin and why wouldn’t it – it’s cute, it’s comfy and it’s elegant!

An extension of the baggy jeans trend is the return of dress pants. For those who aren’t entirely sold on jeans this one’s for you.

What I love most about wearing dress pants is the sense of class it gives you while still granting you the flexibility to style them based on your mood. You can slap on some heels and a cute tank because you know you’re going to drink right after work, or you can pull a hoodie over for when you feel like a complete blob but don’t want the world to know. A pair of dress pants and hoodie still gives the illusion of, “I don’t want to talk to anyone but still want to look put together”. Perfectly versatile!

Look #4: Dress-Down Dress Pants









Finally, if you didn’t know this already, dress pants are your corporate PJs. On those days where you’re dreading putting something on for work – DRESS PANTS.

The wide-leg and loose waistband allow you to feel comfortable all day long while the gorgeous pleats make you look like the boss that you are!

You can wear this look in so many ways depending on how you’re feeling. Chuck on a sweater and you look like Marie-Anne, or pair it with a cute tank top and you’re ready to go.

The old adage “beauty is pain” has met its match with the emergence of the dress pant trend – now you can look FIRE and be comfy!