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My Go To Workouts

By 07/07/2021août 16th, 2021No Comments

Photo : @l.eau

If you’re in Montreal and don’t know where to start when it comes to working out, here are my top five things that make me enjoy moving my body every day.

Blackout Spin

This first one is for cardio addicts and music lovers since it perfectly combines the two in front of the most breathtaking view of Downtown Montreal. If you’re familiar with spinning and don’t know what I’m talking about, you might want to follow @blackout_mtl for more updates on their new rooftop spin classes. If you’re looking to sweat, party, and enjoy an epic view all at the same time, this workout is for you.

Lagree Core

This second studio is BY FAR my favourite workout for toning and lengthening your muscles. Lagree Core (@lagreecoremtl) may look easy but give it a try, and you’ll feel the shakes and be sore like never before. If you don’t have much time to work out but want to see fast results, this workout is perfect. Instead of using momentum, it uses slow and controlled movements that strengthen your muscles at a much deeper level without bulking them. For me, one Lagree workout is more effective than three gym sessions. You’re doing legs, arms, abs and obliques all together in a 50-minute workout that burns.

Melissa WoodHealth

This third workout is a yoga/pilates platform. It’s, in my opinion, the most convenient workout. You can squeeze in a 10 minutes power flow if you don’t have much time or enjoy a long 45 to 60 minutes flow. You can do it anywhere, and by anywhere, I mean on any type of surface. She even has standing series for when you don’t have access to a mat to lie down on the floor. I discovered Melissa WoodHealth’s app during quarantine and loved it. I still do her workouts when I don’t feel like doing anything too intense but still want to move my body. She offers a mix of yoga, pilates, and stretching flows with or without equipment. Like Lagree but on a less intense level, her workouts strengthen and lengthen your muscles so you can create these “long, lean lines.”

A Good Long Power Walk 

Lastly, another one of my favourite workout activities is a long power walk. I’m a strong believer that walks are the best workouts to lengthen your legs and burn fat. On top of that, it’s a great excuse to catch up with a friend, grab a coffee, answer emails, or take the time to listen to a podcast. I love to walk either up the Mont-Royal, in the Mile-Ex area to grab my favourite coffee at Standard, or even in the Old Port to discover new places. If I have time, I try to aim for a three-mile walk at a pretty fast pace.

Laure / @l.eau