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Hello from down under Aka Australia

You know how I love the sea and the warmth right ! Well, I asked my Australian insta-friend @iknowthathair to make us dream and tell us a bit about what it is to be a hairstylist there.

Hello from down under Aka Australia, 

I want to start by saying how thrilled I was to be asked to contribute to the PINKLABLONDE blog and share with you my love for colour and what that looks like in Australia. 

As Australians we love to be in the outdoors and keep active; the climate, landscape and oceans play a huge part in our lifestyle directly affecting our hair. Australians love to look sun kissed and seamless, we want our colour to say “we’ve just spent a week on the coast soaking in the sun and sea air and not 4hrs in the chair looking fresh out of the salon”. It’s all about that lived in look, texture and multi-dimensional colour. Our styling also follows suit, no big bouncy blow drys, we are all about the understated wave. This doesn’t come without its challenges. The Australian climate dramatically affects how long our colour and styles last – colour fades quickly, hair becomes damaged and dry due to salt water, sun, dry winds & extreme weather changes, not to mention everyone’s biggest nightmare HUMIDITY. 

A key for my clients hair success is product knowledge and setting them up with a “home maintenance regime”. For my clients to achieve and maintain the lived in & natural colour, I encourage them to rebook appointments between 3-6 months with perhaps a toner in-between, breaking away from the old 6-8 week appointments. For this reason, home maintenance is even more crucial to our hair heath and colour longevity than ever before. As a blonde specialist this will always include Olaplex, a hydrating mask and UV protector. 

Healthy Sun-kissed hair is my biggest love and what really has me in my element. Growing up close to Byron Bay, NSW (if you haven’t heard of Byron I suggest you google it) I was living the stereotypical Australian life. Growing up surrounded by nature and the ocean is something that never really leaves you, it’s cemented in who you are and in my case inspires how I live and work. 

As an artist I think it is crucial to listen to your gut and find your element. Our creative energy can be overwhelming and distracting if not focused and nurtured. I recently read ‘The Element’ by Ken Robinson and in his book, he asked the question: If left to my own devices – if I didn’t have to worry about making a living or what others thought of me – what am I most drawn to doing? I encourage you to find your element! 

I would like to finish by sharing some of the Australia Artist that inspire me and who keep striving for the stars. 






@shannonjjwilliams (the exception for big hair) 


It has been an absolute pleasure to share these words, Marie-Anne thank you for being a source of inspiration, support and sharing love throughout the industry. 

Peace out Xx 

Saloan Cilia @iknowthathair

Hopefully one day we’ll get the chance to see each other, in AUSSIE:) 


Marie-Anne Labrie

Marie-Anne Labrie, la fille derrière PINKLABLONDE, est aussi une artiste coloriste se spécialisant dans les techniques de blond. Elle est une véritable passionnée. Inspirante et créative, elle donne une toute autre signification au terme «coiffure». Son sens de l’esthétisme, son savoir-faire et sa connaissance profonde des différentes techniques et produits font d’elle l’une des coloristes les plus demandées de Montréal.