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Identifying your hair type can be a very complex task if you don’t know where to start. That’s why the Pinklablonde Club stylists and I have put together this guide to help you get products that will target YOUR needs, depending on your hair type! 

If your primary concern with your hair is that it’s dull and you want more beautiful hair in general, here’s what we recommend!



For your basic routine, we recommend using the Chronologiste shampoo, Ashita conditioner and Ashita Mask! If you’re looking to pamper yourself with a more advanced routine, we recommend adding the Initialist Scalp Serum, Chronologiste Thermal Protector and the Apaisant Scrub to make your hair shinier than ever.


As a basic routine, we recommend you use the Chronologiste shampoo, Chronologiste mask and Elixir Ultime oil. If you want an advanced routine, we recommend adding the Shu Uemura Night Serum and the Initialist Serum to your routine!


For this type of hair, we recommend using the Chronologiste shampoo, Ashita conditoner and Chronologiste Mask. Want to pamper yourself and treat yourself to an advanced routine? Here’s what we recommend you add to your routine: the Elixir Ultime oil for your lengths and the Initialist serum for your scalp (hello dream hair).


If your hair is thick and textured, we recommend the Chronologiste shampoo, the Chronologiste mask and the Oleo-Relax oil as your basic routine! If you want a more advanced routine for WOW hair, we recommend adding the Magistral Cream, the Shu Uemura Night Serum and the Energizing Scrub, which will help you get your hair super shiny! 



If you realize that your main concern is not helping your dull hair, you can check out our other articles! Don’t forget that you can always mix and match products to identify and target YOUR specific needs : 

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Marie-Anne Labrie

Marie-Anne Labrie, la fille derrière PINKLABLONDE, est aussi une artiste coloriste se spécialisant dans les techniques de blond. Elle est une véritable passionnée. Inspirante et créative, elle donne une toute autre signification au terme «coiffure». Son sens de l’esthétisme, son savoir-faire et sa connaissance profonde des différentes techniques et produits font d’elle l’une des coloristes les plus demandées de Montréal.