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Over the last few years, more and more women have decided to leave their employee status behind and move on to build an empire of their own. The rise in women-owned businesses has revolutionized our working generation. In fact, just within Montreal, many companies have empowered and influential women at the top of their hierarchy. Not only does this movement open the doors for future generations, but it gives a relatable perspective of what women really need and desire within a product. Desary, Soja & CO, as well as PLBC, are just a few of the companies that are, not only female owned, but also great examples for our generation to understand the fundamentals of building a brand.

Launched because nothing ever fit her curvy body quite right, Desary has been at the top of its game, creating lux, ethically made designs, all from sustainable materials. This inclusive brand allows women to feel sexy, no matter their body shape. From apparel, eyewear, all the way to swimwear, this Montreal brand is a no-brainer.


With Canada’s environment and economy at heart, Soja & CO is a one-stop-shop for any and all of your self-care needs. Not only are these products handmade in Montreal, but their values make anyone want to support this local business. From candles to wellness products, this brand encompasses the essence of #girlpower.

PLBC is much more than a hair salon, as its vision has created a virtual platform for like-minded individuals to come together. The marketing strategies, brand collaborations, as well as the vision board workshops have earned this brand the merit of paving the way for future entrepreneurs.

It’s safe to say that women-owned businesses in Montreal, as well as across the world, are bringing a new tang to the industry. Innovation, clear visions, and women empowerment are at the core of each of these companies, and continue to inspire many. 

Angela Fusco

Born and raised in Montreal, I am a fashion lover and I thrive in creative environments. I have attended fashion school in London, where I found a love for the fashion business industry. From print magazines to online blogs, I find inspiration in all forms of communication. I am currently a Concordia student and aim to fulfill a career in the PR world, which I think suits my enthusiastic character.