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Get that Dewy and Natural Glow: Vegan Skincare you NEED!

By 17/05/2021mai 26th, 2021No Comments

Photo : @shoplavandeco

Hey hey friends, c’est Kat!

Pour ceux qui me connaissent, vous m’auriez déjà entendue parler de mes prefs skincares VÉGANE! Et oui, ces produits sont non seulement bons pour la planète mais possèdent des propriétés qui vont te donner cette GLOW naturelle sans besoin de maquillage! Laisse-moi te les présenter. 

I started my skincare journey four months ago and will NEVER look back. I told myself that an investment in me was worth every penny – and it definitely is!

I started by doing a ton of research and landed on a website called PEACH & LILY where I found every single product that I now use daily. PEACH & LILY specializes in all things KBeauty – Korean Beauty. All their products are vetted extensively to meet quality standards so you know that the ingredients you are using on your face and body are of the best quality. Their personal line, the PEACH & LILY Collection is a certified Conscious Brand that ranks at the top of all five Ultra Beauty pillars: Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Packaging, and Positive Impact. 

They outline the steps and application times for you!

The website outlines exactly what your AM and PM routines should be, what products to use respectively and in which order. So if you’re feeling a little lost like I was, this is SO helpful! 

I started with my own set of basics, I wanted to try it ALL, but decided to get a few, key products that are now staples, and of course, they are all VEGAN!

Mon line-up de produits : 

J’ai commencé avec un Oil Cleanser – I had absolutely no idea there was such a thing! The difference between an oil-based cleanser and a water-based cleanser are that they target different impurities – the oil cleanser targets oil-based impurities and the water cleanser targets water-based impurities. After doing both steps your skin feels squeaky-clean but with an added plump from the oil!

My Oil Cleanser & my recommended Water Cleanser.

→ You can do both cleansing steps AM and PM!

Next, j’ai ajouté un Toner à mon panier. The purpose of a toner is to even out the pH level of your skin. I don’t know about you, but my skin gets quite uneven in the winter because I don’t get much sun, so I wanted to get something to help balance the texture and tone.

My Toner.

→ You can do this step in the AM and PM!

Ensuite, un Sérum pour aider les besoins particuliers de ma peau. Chacun a ses propres besoins, soit l’acné, l’eczéma, la pigmentation, etc…. et ton sérum devrait être choisi selon ses besoins. 

My Serum.

→ You can do this step in the AM and PM!

Puis, les deux derniers produits que je me suis procurée sont un Moisturizer – DUH – et une Crème Solaire pour protéger ma peau contre les effets nocifs du soleil!

My Moisturizer & Sun Screen.

→ You can do this step in the AM and PM!

The difference in my skin after just a few months is incredible! The texture is smooth and plump as is the pigment. I suffer from eczema and my skin is very sensitive in general, so I am always skeptical about trying new products or too many, but I am so happy with the results! I also believe that since the ingredients are all plant based, I can experiment more and try different products.

I hope you enjoyed this, brb, gotta go restock ASAP because I just ran out and hot girl summer is just around the corner!