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Best tips for anxiety

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Best tips for anxiety

Anxiety. A topic that is not talked about enough, but affects a large majority of the hustling society of today. From nervous ticks to full blown panic attacks, anxiety can affect everyone in many different ways and at different levels. Before engaging in any of the following tips, please make sure to consult a professional if you deem your situation requires you to do so. 

I think it is important to tackle this topic in a meaningful but realistic way. Tailor the following tips to your personal lifestyle, wants and desires. It is imperative to not worsen your anxiety by forcing yourself to do something you don’t feel suits you. The following ideas aim to put your mind at ease; remember that!

1- Journaling

Write down your thoughts so you can have a visual representation of them. It’s always relieving to see that your mind construdes crazy overwhelming illusions that really aren’t that bad when you break them down on paper. 

2- Meditate

Try to take at least 5 minutes of your day to clear your mind and just breathe. I truly love tuning into guided meditation videos online to feel companionship throughout the journey. 

3- Stay active

Always remember to release your inner tension through workouts. This does not have to be an everyday occurrence, nor does it have to require heavy weights and lots of sweating; a simple morning walk can truly make all the difference if you put your mind to it. 

4- Eat healthy

Cleaning up your diet can truly heal your mind and soul. Feeling good inside projects the same outwards. 

5- Cut out caffeine

Yes, I kept the worst for last; I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but caffeine has been proven to worsen anxiety, so this could be for the best.

These five easy tips go hand-in-hand and can make your path towards an anxiety-free life slightly more foreseeable. Always remember to go easy on yourself, and cater these steps to your lifestyle. Healing takes time, and staying in tune with yourself is key throughout this journey.

Angela Fusco

Born and raised in Montreal, I am a fashion lover and I thrive in creative environments. I have attended fashion school in London, where I found a love for the fashion business industry. From print magazines to online blogs, I find inspiration in all forms of communication. I am currently a Concordia student and aim to fulfill a career in the PR world, which I think suits my enthusiastic character.