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A word from the wise

As you guys know I work at @bluntmtl ! Yes, the cool hair salon on Wellington. I wanted to share with you today the reason why I chose to work there. First of all, when I was looking at hair salons in Montreal I was like «wow» there’s a lot of them… But one salon stood out from the others and it was Blunt.

It was already a big deal for me the move from a city to an other and I wasn’t fully convinced until I met one of the owners; Angela. It was like « love at first sight » lol. I felt so welcomed and comfortable, like nothing could hold me back.

I’m definitely a feeling person and I can say with the bottom of my heart that the first reason why I spent the last 3 years working at Blunt was because of the warmth and generous heart of Angela Lucia.

Here’s her story:

When I was young I had this innate feeling that I was destined for something great. I had this voice inside of me. it wasn’t that little voice who whispers: « hey Ang, you can do it! » But rather this loud-ass inner speaker that would take over, yelling and reminding me:  « YOU ARE SPECIAL, and there are no limits » So I listened.

Initially I thought I was nuts, until I spoke to Hollywood’s PR guru Kelly Cutrone. I don’t know if our encounter was divine timing or just plain luck, but during our call she made me realize that the voice I had been hearing was my soul. Not only was I lucky to hear it; I was blessed that it was so loud. The thing about my career, is that it started with me wanting to be famous,  funny right? Rich and famous, name me a person who doesn’t dream of that at 20; I’ll tell you you’re full of shit.

I set out to work at the best hair salons in Montreal, and when that got boring I moved to Toronto. There,  I scoured all the cool locations, and chose the hair salon that screamed my name. I called,  booked an appointment with the owner for a blowout, and instead of getting my hair done, I convinced him to interview me. My balsy tactic worked, I got the job and the rest was history. I worked nights and weekends. On my days off, my only focus was to recruit new clients. 

Hair was my passion. Trends were my guiding light and clients were food for my soul. It also helped that I was the girl from Montreal. People were drawn to me. I don’t know if it was my French accent or that fact that my wardrobe selection was a little more bold. Whatever it was, it worked. Then something happened.

It’s like all the things I had learned – all my ideas; i just wanted to share them. I wanted everyone to know what I knew. I wanted my colleagues to try new techniques and feel the inspiration I felt. I just wanted to share everything. I found fulfilment in sharing knowledge that hadn’t compared to anything else I’d ever felt.

And so my dream of being rich and famous was suddenly replaced by a dream of educating and coaching others. I guess things work out when your passion and your intent melt together.

Towards the end of my escapade in Toronto, my best friend Jessica (best friend turned kickass partner) convinced me to move back and open a hair salon.

Coiffure blunt was founded on friendship, hard work, innovation, strategy, and passion. But what makes it my greatest achievement is our shared interest for watching people grow. My profound value of education, and Jessica’s strong passion for motivation and growth excavated the foundation on which Blunt was built.

So to our future salon owners:

Fuel your passion with integrity. Water your plants with love and knowledge. Partner up with someone who fundamentally shares the same values and know that the only limits there are, are the ones you choose to believe.

Ang XO

Marie-Anne Labrie

Marie-Anne Labrie, la fille derrière PINKLABLONDE, est aussi une artiste coloriste se spécialisant dans les techniques de blond. Elle est une véritable passionnée. Inspirante et créative, elle donne une toute autre signification au terme «coiffure». Son sens de l’esthétisme, son savoir-faire et sa connaissance profonde des différentes techniques et produits font d’elle l’une des coloristes les plus demandées de Montréal.